Easy and Effective.

Easy-to-use with Dr. Levi’s exercises, in just minutes a day, The Try-Angle will minimize pain and increase your hand strength, speed, and flexibility.


Build Strength

Whether an MMA fighter or a mom wishing to be more active in lifting her small child, The Try-Angle’s Strengthening Exercises will help increase your grip and grip strength. From weight lifters to moms, musicians to gamers, home builders to court reporters – building hand and wrist strength lets you be more athletic and active in your daily living.

  • Improve grip and swing power
  • Strenghthening hands, wrists and forearms

Expand Flexibility

Consistent hand warm-ups with the Try-Angle help with intense endurance for gaming, athletics, and long workdays at the computer. In just 30 to 60 seconds, done regularly, you can relieve pain and broaden your range of motion for greater endurance and performance.

  • Increase finger and wrist mobility
  • Attain warmed-up, efficient hands

Boost Speed

The Try-Angle’s Speed Series feature exercises specifically designed to help you develop your actions per minute, and improve the speed of your fingers when typing, texting, or gaming. Great for gamers, musicians, racquet players, and anyone who works intensively with their hands at the computer, in food and beverage service, or assembling and packaging products.

  • Increase your actions-per-minute
  • Improve finger and wrist speed

Repetitive motion injuries account for

of all job-related injuries.

Hand and wrist pain disrupt our passionate pursuits. The Try-Angle helps to minimize and improve debilitating conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Keep your hands fit, and get more out of work and life.

Additional Features




Flexible Design


All or One Finger Engagement


Dr. Levi’s Custom Designed Exercises

Consult your doctor before use if you have any pain or related medical history. See Terms of Use


Meet Dr. Levi Harrison,
Hand and Orthopedic Surgeon.

“I help many athletes and non-athletes regain function after debilitating conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. I created the Try-Angle for strengthening the hand, wrist and forearm to prevent injury and keep you active in life.”

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